Macro not visible in PDF export for some Confluence instances. Bug?

On some Confluence instances, our macros are not visible in the rendered PDFs, however, on others, they work perfectly fine.

I wanted to debug this locally, but when using ngrok to install the app on a development instance and running a PDF export, Confluence does not even send any request to our app to render the macros but just puts “extension” as text in the document.

I have no idea what is going on here. On top of that the PDF export stopped working on one of our own instances without updating any code within the last few days. Is there an issue with Confluence? Does anyone else have this problem? Any suggestions on how I could debug this better?


@PhilipFeldmann maybe

Hey @marc
Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, the link you’ve provided seems to be broken.
Could you double-check?


Hi @PhilipFeldmann , you need to have vendor access to get to see the link target. See on how to get access.

Hey Marc, I also can’t access this page either :thinking: :sweat_smile:

@PhilipFeldmann : the relevant part posted by Daniel behind the second link is: Drop a request into the service desk at - There’s a “Apply to Marketplace vendor topics in Developer Community” request type.

Hi all,

Thanks for raising this with us and for your patience.

I can confirm that the PDF renderMode is not being requested in some sites (depending on the value of a feature flag).

We raised an incident about this and you can follow its progress here: Atlassian Developer Status - PDF page export is not calling renderModes

Thank you for your patience while we address the root cause and restore the functionality as it is expected to work,

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Hi all,

The issue has been resolved. Please let us know if you still see any problems and, if you can, we would also appreciate if you could confirm if the problem is resolved for you as well.

Thank you,

this is still not working for me. My ticket is: [DEVHELP-14388]
Best regards

Thanks but this actually made things worse for me.

Before the change:

  • PDF export would work perfect for some instances and not output anything for other Confluence instances
  • We didn’t use render-modes for most of our macros, and it still worked!!! As mentioned, only on a couple of instances, but at least it worked sometimes.

After the change:

  • PDF exports don’t work anywhere, even on the Confluence instances where they used to work
  • Even when using render-modes, Confluence does not output anything
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Hi @PhilipFeldmann,

To clarify, on our end the change I mentioned in this post has been completely rolled back so the behaviour described is something else.

I would recommend asking the affected customer (or you directly if this is affecting one of your sites), to reach out to the Atlassian customer support team (Atlassian Support) with the following details:

  • the link to one page that is failing
  • site URL

While I’m mostly familiar with the render modes implementation and not the standard one, I had a look for known issues around exporting to PDF and this is what I could find:


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