Macro updates vendors need to make for the new Confluence Cloud editor

Late last year we announced that A New Year will bring a new Confluence Cloud editor. As promised, the Confluence Cloud Ecosystem team covers additional details about how we’re rolling this change out, and what it will mean for you.

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Thanks @rwhitbeck. Is there any news yet on what will happen with “plain-text” macros in the new editor during this first quarter of 2019?

Hi Ralph,
Thanks for the update.

We are quite worried about the fact that there are still pending issues that make our Balsamiq Wireframes app not really usable in the new editor (e.g. inability to update the macro parameters, inability to add more than one macro in the page).

A question about the rollout: even if a Confluence Cloud customer is considered eligible (i.e. it is has no app incompatible installed at the moment), he could always decide in a second moment to install an app that has problem with the new editor. This will cause of course customer distress and support on both Atlassian and vendor side.

Have you considered this scenario?

Hi Sax,

We’re aware of the issues you’re referring to, and we’re working on fixing those before we continue rolling out. I’ll update the ticket with more information, and we’ll keep you notified on our progress.

As to your other question, yes, this is a possibility, although we’re hoping to mitigate it by doing the following:

  • Continuing to work on updates to make more apps compatible with the new editor
  • Rolling out to the most dormant instances to begin with, and leaving active instances - in particular, the most likely to download additional apps - till the end.

Our support team are on hand to help customers should this still happen, and as Marketplace downloads have a free trial, they’ll be able to cancel their subscription without financial complications.

Vendors with incompatible macros may also find it useful to add a note about this to their Marketplace listings, to manage customer expectations early.

Hope that answers your question.


Hi Klaus,
Glad to hear that solving the mentioned issues is still a priority.

Since last Summit in Barcelona, we worked hard in order to follow the Atlassian suggestions about the new editor. If the bugs are fixed our app is already compatible with the new live macro.

Looking forward to see the updates on the tickets progress.


So, what would be the strategy if a macro expects “rich” contents in it’s body. And this “rich” contents could be ANY OTHER macro or macros installed in Confluence?