Macro with multiple macro keys

Hello !

I am in a situation where I am trying to “merge” the macro “A” into the macro “B”.

I was aiming to do this by changing the “atlassian-connect.json” ie. App descriptor.

Effectively, I would like to “archive” the macro “A” so that

  • it is not displayed at the macro browser, and
  • if there are users that still using the addon with its key, to redirect the requests to macro “B”

Is there any way to do this from the App descriptor, by assigning perhaps a list of keys perhaps at the macro “B” ? :thinking:

Is there any alternative solution ?

Thanks !


An alternative description could be “Associate a macro module with multiple keys”.

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Hi Mantadakise,
We have a similar requirement. Have you found a solution?

We have two applications that share a macro key (macro-key-example). Now we are considering renaming one of them to a different key to make them unique. We need to make sure that pages that used the old macro key can be migrated to the new macro key (macro-key-example-new).

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hi @eagle.xiao nothing so far.