Macros are missing from our Confluence developer instance

We have Confluence developer instance, and we just noticed all the built-in macros are not there anymore.

They are not shown when using /macro_name or using macro browser e.g. Children Display Macro. As far as I understand, Confluence free version should contain all macros? Or is there something I am missing.

I just checked my developer instance and I see macros.

This instance was created from the link and not a Free instance you can get from the Product page correct?

Hi @rwhitbeck yes, I created the instance using that link. But that was a few years ago.

When I check the admin page, Confluence is billed as standard (and not free), so I guess it is still developer instance.
I am pretty sure we had macros in the past, just don’t see them recently. Maybe I should contact the support?

The easier route might be to try creating another Developer Instance. But if you need your current instance then yes Support might be your option.