Macros loading with errors

Hi Team,

Hoping to find help on an issue that I could’t find a fix. I have been seeing so many errors while I load a page with a few macros I built (mainly table transformers with custom calculation of dates, table filters and pivots) . The page first loads with the errors you can see on the image which goes away on its own and loads although extremely slowly. We are on Confluence version 8.5.8 (Enterprise Cloud) and I do no have admin access. Is there a way I can make this faster and get rid of the errors?

Hello @NM1

Firstly, you said “We are on Confluence v8.5.8” which means you are using Confluence SERVER or Confluence DATA CENTER, not Confluence CLOUD. There is no Confluence product called ‘Enterprise Cloud’.

Next, if you really did ‘build’ these macros yourself, a picture of some errors on a screen is not very useful. You’ll need to provide an in-depth description of how you built them and with what, as well as all the error logs. On this topic, refer to the How to ask a good question thread.

Thanks @sunnyape I am new to this community and Confluence as well. I was suggested to check if if I could find help here instead. Please ignore my post. I am unable to delete it but I am now are it is not relevant here