Make Asset REST API call from Forge App as User

I would like to make a REST API call to get assets from asset api as user. Would woud be the best way to do so?

Hi @SergeyEpifanov ,
Unfortunately, Forge does not support Assets Platform REST API because of Forge limitations.
We have two suggestion tickets about both Assets APIs.
Assets Platform [FRGE-1131] - Ecosystem Jira
Assets REST API [FRGE-1172] - Ecosystem Jira
Feel free to add your opinion there.
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Good news @SergeyEpifanov,

There is now a Forge tutorial for JSM Assets:

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Hi @ibuchanan - Thanks for sending this update.

But is there any news or target date about when Forge apps will be able to make calls using the Assets REST API?

We’ve already lost at least 20 customers who asked for features in our apps that solely rely on this ability in Forge.

Your feedback is highly appreciated so we can communicate with our customers properly.



I don’t know if I fully understand your question. The tutorial I linked shows how Forge apps can make calls using the Assets REST API.

If you have found some specific blockers, could you start as a new topic? Also, I realize this is easily confused with the older External Assets Platform, so for precision, perhaps you could be more specific about the desired use cases and the underlying REST API endpoints. Either way, a new thread would help me get the right people (if not me) to answer the question.