Making that Public Code Private?

I dont see why it isnt possible, however with limited knowledge of Node I’m struggling at the moment to figure out the best way of shifting my app development to server side with the intent of hiding the IP (intellectual property as opposed to address) from being accessible client side.

Is there anything specific available within the forums here, or Atlassian developer docs?

@GeeWilliams can you elaborate on what part of the application code you are referring? If you want to run client-side code (javascript), you will need to make it available to the client. A completely server-side rendered static website is probably not going to work in terms of A) implementing AtlasKit components and B) delivering a user experience which is consistent with the Atlassian host product.

@remie, thanks for the response.

It would be the business logic portion that I am looking to perform server side as opposed to client side…

The AtlasKit components are incredibly useful in interacting with the Atlas environment and would continue to be used, but how I would look to process information retrieved and process it isnt.

The outcomes from the analysis would however then be pushed back to the client and rendered via the relevant tools which should remain persistent with the Atlassian product.

Would the simple answer be that I should go down the Spring/Java route instead of NodeJS?

@GeeWilliams assuming that you are developing for Cloud, you can use whatever code language you are familiar with to create your back-end. Personally, I use NodeJS, but you can using Spring/Java, Go, C/#/++ or any other server-side language available. As long as it supports a REST architecture and is able to serve static files, you are good to go!