Malicious attachments on Jira (SW or JSM)


We have picked up, through a cloud to cloud migration, that one of our file attachments were malicious and it was caught by the Sophos Antivirus. It appears to be a Trojan (Troj/Phish-ISB)

We would like to avoid this in the first place so that no malicious or suspicious data is uploaded to Jira (or Confluence)

I would not expect an add-on as Security and data integrity should be core to the platform (which I know is) but this should have been picked up sooner.

Please advsie how this is best handled?

Thank you


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Hi @YatishMadhav,

I see your post on the Atlassian community here:

Was there a specific reason to reach out to the Atlassian Developer community as well?

As much as possible and unless there are specific needs, we try to keep the conversation going in one single thread.