Managing Project Permissions and Configuring Access in Jira

Hey Atlassian Developer Community!

I’m currently developing a Jira app using Forge, and as part of the app’s functionality, I need to configure project permissions, roles, and issue-level security. However, I’ve noticed that these options are not configurable on the Free plan. I would like to grant project access for certain users or groups through the app’s admin page. Is there an alternative approach or workaround to manage permissions and configure them within the app or on the admin page?

Any insights, recommendations, or best practices would be
highly appreciated! Thank you so much for your help!

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You can develop against the Jira Standard tier by getting an instance from:

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I appreciate your guidance on developing against the Jira Standard tier. I wanted to mention that I have already generated an Atlassian instance and successfully installed my app on that instance.

However, my current focus is centered around managing the access and permissions of my app within the Jira environment. I would greatly appreciate any insights or resources you can provide regarding the configuration of access and permissions for apps in Jira.

If you have any specific recommendations, documentation, or further discussion points related to managing project permissions and configuring access in Jira, I would be eager to explore those as well. Thank you in advance for your assistance!


I wish more were documented about app access. As far as I can tell, this is the only Atlassian doc on the subject:

Even if there were more/better docs, it is an area that is undergoing some change right now. There are a couple recent RFCs dealing with app permissions from various contexts:

Perhaps the larger concept to understand is the overall shared responsibility model: