Manual cloud addon update required


We’ve updated some entity properties and vendor name and website URL in our cloud addon descriptor. These changes shouldn’t require manual approval by JIRA admins according to the docs. Turns out new addon version needs to be manually approved! As you can imagine this is a major problem for us because new features are not delivered!

No scope changes were made, nor pricing model.

Has anyone else encountered this? I’ve opened a support ticket in but got no answer for 2 days…

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I actually had once, pretty much with same changes as yours, but after update i saw Update button in admin panel :C

Yeah, that’s what I did on the test instance as well. Harder to make sure customers do the same :slight_smile: It was totally unexpected as it’s the first time this is happening.

Interesting problem. Please share the answer if you get it from Atlassian. I plan to perform similar changes.

When comes to support, you need to keep in mind that “legendary Atlassian customer support” != “Atlassian vendor support”.
You will probably wait a few days more for an answer.


After a few days almost all the instances finally upgraded to the new version except one. Atlassian is looking at it now.

So the problem wasn’t related to descriptor changes I guess. It just took more than expected to update customer instances.
If a manual update was required it would take much more time to update all instances.

I had a similar problem with the latest update of my add-on. It took around 4 days instead of documented 10 hours to update all customer instances.

I assumed manual update was required because I’ve seen an update button on one of our JIRA instances after the new app version was published. And yeah it look like it just took a lot longer for the instances to update to the new version.

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