Mapping connect module to existing Forge app on the marketplace

We have the following case:
We already have a “clean” Forge application on the marketplace. Our customers requested a feature that requires the use of custom workflow modules. Unfortunately, this module doesn’t exist in Forge at the moment. We are determined to deliver this as a connect app :slight_smile: Is it possible to map this connect module to already existing Forge app on the marketplace by following these steps: Stage0?


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Hi Richard,

Yes, that should be possible, but with the caveats listed on that page (such module changes in minor updates not being reflected).

You’d go about it by setting to the marketplace key of your app (at least in production - the staging and development environments should have an environment suffix or similar).

Hope that makes sense - happy to answer more questions.


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Hi @RichardHamilton ,

Just to expand on a little bit what @jhazelwood said, we’re actually working at the moment to bring all (or at least most) Connect features to Forge, including workflow modules. The planning for the next couple of quarters has not been fully done, but there’s a good change that custom workflow modules will be implemented sometimes in the next six months or so).

Depending on your use case, you might be better off waiting a couple of months for the Forge implementation to be completed instead of using Connect. It might be also helpful if you could describe your exact use case a bit more (what kind of customization you’re looking for) so that I could check with the team working on this whether the new Forge implementation would work for you.


Thanks for the clarification. Our goal is to update the issue (set custom fields values) during transition with the data that comes from HubSpot, according to configuration provided in our app in post-function configuration.
We can become a beta testers if you will have such possibility:)

Hi @ekaukonen
How far are you with the workflow post function? We need to decide whether stick with the Connect or wait for the Forge module.