March Update on Server to Cloud Migrations

As we prepare for Remote Summit this week, Server to Cloud Migrations continue to stay top of mind as a key strategic priority for Atlassian. As the software industry continues its shift towards cloud, we want to make sure our customers have a clear and achievable migration path prepared ahead of them. Over the past year, we’ve made major improvements to close the gap between our server and cloud platforms, but when it comes to our ecosystem—we’re just getting started.

With the Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant and our recent release of the Jira Cloud Migration Assistant, customers now have a clear, step-by-step process for migrating users, spaces, projects, issues, and more from Server to Cloud. These apps serve as the primary “bridge” to cloud, and help support the increased complexity and demand for cloud migration we’ve seen recently. The migration assistants also include lightweight “App Assessment” functionality which helps customers understand what Server apps they’re running, and which of those are currently available on cloud.

However, when it comes to apps, customers need more than just marketplace availability. They need the ability to migrate their app data from Server to Cloud.

As Chris Clarke shared in his presentation at AtlasCamp in Vienna, we’ve been testing a proof-of-concept framework to migrate app data using the Cloud Migration Assistants. Since AtlasCamp, we’ve completed additional rounds of testing and feedback and have hardened requirements for our first production release.

But solving App Migration isn’t just an Atlassian project—in order to be successful we’re looking for full partnership with our Marketplace Vendor community. We need your help. Below is a rough timeline of upcoming milestones, where we need your help, and what you can expect in the coming months.

  • Thru Atlassian Q4 (April - June) we will be developing the platform and finalizing designs for the Cloud Migrations Assistants. Please signup here if you’d like to contribute to the design review.
  • In early Atlassian Q1 we plan to provide you with access to an alpha version of the platform. This early release will allow you to start developing against the framework with confidence that we won’t change the API spec for future releases.
  • Thru Atlassian Q1 (July - September) we will begin developing the UI in the Cloud Migrations Assistants. Depending on the design decisions we make with you in Q4, we will be ready to release the app migrations capability in the Cloud Migrations Assistants at the end of Q1.

We are still working out the GTM details with our marketing team, but are planning to feature participating vendors during announcements, at major Atlassian events, and through our customer launch comms.

Continue watching this category for details about how to start building a migration path, updates on our GTM plans, and more information about the feature designs in the Cloud Migration Assistants.

Thank you to those of you who have already provided feedback to the program, and we look forward to partnering closely with more of you moving forward.

If you have any questions, please comment below.



Hi @akassab,
this is great news!

I tried to sign up for the design review but the form is private (to Atlassian)


@david2 - Sorry for that. Please use this link: (I’m editing the main post as well).

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Hi Alex,

Do you have any update on the support of the entity properties for Jira for JCMA? We heavily depend on it to provide our migration path.



@akassab Can you please let us know if the entity properties are going to be supported?