Marketplace now has apps

Hello all,

This post primarily concerns our vendor community, but we wanted to share with the wider developer community as well.

After conducting vendor and customer research last spring, we learned that we need to simplify the way we talk about the Atlassian Marketplace in order to keep pace with the rich diversity of listings being offered by our vendors. As a result, we’ve decided to refer to all of listings offered in the Marketplace as apps. Today’s add-ons, SaaS and IaaS integrations, P2 plugins, extensions, bots, skills, macros, themes – everything our entrepreneurial vendors can dream up, create and support for customers in the Atlassian Marketplace – are now different types of Marketplace apps.


Since the beginning of the Marketplace five years ago, the variety of listings offered by vendors in the Marketplace has grown at an exciting rate. We’ve added support across cloud, server and data center environments, as well as launched and acquired new Atlassian products and partnerships during this time. We now have over 3,000 listings in our Marketplace that help our customers make their teams more productive. Our Marketplace vendors have generated more than $250 million in total sales and growing.

We believe the term apps is the simplest way to describe the wide variety of listings in our Marketplace that:

  • is best able to describe software that is installed, downloaded, integrated with, subscribed to, or scripted across cloud, server and data center environments,
  • may be for sale or may be free to the customer, and
  • allows the Marketplace in the near future to offer apps built using cross product APIs that will not be tied to any single Atlassian product.

Some frequently asked questions that came up as important to answer during our vendor and customer research:

Do I need to update my Marketplace listing page or marketing material?
You don’t need to make any updates to your Marketplace listing right away. The terms you use today to describe your type of app – including add-ons, P2 plugins, integrations, bots, extensions and all approved Marketplace listings – are all different types of apps we support in the Atlassian Marketplace. You’ll notice Atlassian will begin referring to apps in our Marketplace immediately.

What if I want to start updating my listing and marketing materials to refer to our app in the Atlassian Marketplace immediately?
If it makes sense for your business, go right ahead. You can modify your own listing page, but our support team is available to help if you find you need further assistance…

Do I need to make any modifications in my SEO or SEM strategy for my listing?
If you currently use specific keywords and paid search advertising to drive traffic to your listing page, we recommend you do not remove any of your existing keywords for now. Please do consider adding “app” as a keyword to your page when you next make an update.

When does this change take effect with Atlassian?
We’re rolling out this update immediately starting with and, followed over the next 6-12 months by Atlassian products as their roadmaps allow for updates. We agreed upon an opportunistic approach to this update with our product teams because we don’t want this terminology change to delay any higher priority development work.

Please also refer to our updated glossary of terms.

We believe that using apps as an overall term to describe all the useful apps that have been built in our Marketplace will help us simplify how talk about and market the apps in our Marketplace to customers and end users. Our goal is to help make this update as low impact as possible on our vendor community.

Thanks for listening, and continuing to push the bounds of what our products can do in ways we could have never predicted with your apps. Your ingenuity is inspiring to me.

Head of Ecosystem Marketing