Marketplace Partner update on the Atlassian outage affecting some customers

Hi all,

Thank you all for the feedback. We are currently working closely with the engineering team to incorporate the asks. We will have more updates next week.


Hi @christophe.prome @BenRomberg @david2 @nick,

Thank you for being so patient. We have some quick updates to share - you will receive a remittance advice for this month’s payout outlining the summation of each invoice id per impacted customer. Alongside the advice, you will receive a spreadsheet detailing the full list price of the app and the actual vendorAmount to be received so you can cross-check the invoice ids provided in the remittance advice. For clarity, we are paying for all impacted apps based on the full list price.

We understand that this is not ideal and it is just a temporary solution until we include $0 transactions (100% discount, ELA credits and 10-user free tier) in the reporting API. This is currently in the works and we estimate it to be completed by the end of June 2022. Please be advised that the rollout is subject to change and we will keep you posted if that happens.

If you have any further concerns or questions, please feel free to reach out or raise a support request with us.

Thank you!

Hi @syong,

I got the remittance report. However, it is unclear for me what happens when customer tiers change (user count increased in instance)?

Hi @syong,

Thanks for the update. For transparency, can you please make sure that the team properly updates [AMKT-15900] - Ecosystem Jira and [AMKT-12888] - Ecosystem Jira?



Hello @syong, thanks for the update.
This is good news!

Will the transaction report include $0 sales since the launch of the free 10-user tier (will it be retroactive)? This is mandatory in order for us to have consistent reporting.


Hello @syong,
Thanks for the update. Similar to @christophe.prome we’re wondering if the transactions for customers affected by the outage will be retroactively provided when those “$0” transactions are available at end of June?

Hi @RaimisJ,

We are covering the user tier upgrade as well during the 12-month extension. You will continue to receive the concession summation until the end of the impacted current app billing cycle.

Hi all,

We have just received more clarity on the pipeline changes to include $0 transactions in the reporting API. The development work is divided into two phases. The first phase will include $0 transactions having a 100% discount applied on invoices. The transaction will contain basic information such as transaction ids and discount amounts. We are targeting Phase 1 completion for mid-June 2022.

The second phase will include additional scenarios such as ELA credits and the free starter tier. We will also add the discount reason for each individual transaction into the reporting. We do not have a confirmed date yet for this but tentatively end of August 2022. We will keep you all posted once we have a better estimation.

Thank you.


Hi @BenRomberg @christophe.prome,

Not all of them. We’re currently planning to provide historical $0 transactions up to FY20. These will include the $0 transactions resulted from the outage. However, please be advised that this is subject to change as we explore further.

Also check out this comment here. We just added more clarity regarding the delivery.


Hello @syong, thanks for the updates.

Any news when we’re receiving these documents? All we have received so far is a “Remittance advice” which only shows the total amount across all customers and apps. We have no way of knowing how much of this amount is provided for each individual customer and app.


Hi @BenRomberg,

It’s supposed to be sent out around the same time as you receive the remittance advice. We’re currently investigating this issue. In the meantime, I’ll put together the spreadsheet ad-hoc for you and pass it on to your TPM @AnnaBarry.


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We’ve received the report as well as the list of affected customers.
While checking the details I was wondering if this will be added to the annual gross sales for the MPAC partner program?

Yes @nils, it will be. :slight_smile:

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