Marketplace Partner update on the Atlassian outage affecting some customers

Hello Atlassian developers and Marketplace Partners,

Yesterday, Atlassian shared an update about the ongoing incident impacting a small number of Atlassian Cloud customers.

For visibility and transparency, we wanted to share additional details on how we are working to restore service to those affected customers and their apps. You can find details on the developer blog here and additional FAQ resources in the Partner Portal if you need them.

We understand how mission-critical Atlassian products and Marketplace apps are for all of our partners and customers. We are working 24/7 to restore our customers’ service.

Please let us know if you have any questions. The Atlassian Ecosystem team is already engaged in helping answer direct partner questions and support requests related to this issue.

If your company requires access to the Partner Portal and you meet Partner Program requirements (at least 1 paid-via-Atlassian app and a private domain), submit a request here.


Hello again,

We have just released an update in the Atlassian Partner Portal on concessions for affected customers.

Please let us know if you have any questions, and follow the instructions in the original post if you do not yet have access to the Partner Portal.

Thank you :blue_heart:

Question: it seems like Atlassian is extending the concessions to include 3rd party apps. Can you please let the Atlassian Marketplace Partners know whether Atlassian has decided on their behalve to make them co-sponsors of the concessions, or if Atlassian will actually be paying out of her own pocket for any such concessions?

Hi Remie,

We have provided additional information in the ADDON tickets:

Although the customer is not paying for third-party apps, Atlassian will still pay Partners for the charges of these apps in the affected instances for this period. This applies to Paid via Atlassian apps only. Customers will be charged as normal for any additional apps installed in the affected tenants after the incident.

Please let us know if you have any questions.



Hi @syong ,

I have indeed seen the additional info in the ADDON ticket. Thanks for the info.

However, in the comment it’s said that "No action is required by you as Atlassian is handling all of this compensation. "

Will there be some type of message each time that Atlassian will pay? Will it be done for all customers at once. We had a dozen customers affected by this so we would like to somehow track this. It would be nice to have additional information on how this will be carried on.


I second this: right now what we see in our vendor reporting is just that the license has been extended without any transaction related to the extension.

Hi @yvesriel Hi @remie ,

Apology for the late reply. We have decided to send out one-time payment instead of multiple payments given that this is a one-off situation. We are still evaluating the options for generating a one-time concession report since they won’t be available via reporting API due to the $0 transaction not being recorded.

We will share more once we have more details. But, hopefully, this directional thinking is helpful for now.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!



Hello again,

We are cross-posting here to let you know that the Atlassian Cloud Post-Incident Review (PIR) is now available here.

For additional PIR partner resources including leadership AMAs, please visit the Partner Portal.


Hello @syong,

Please note that many Marketplace partners (us included) have custom analytics and reporting on top of Marketplace transactions. Not having the usual transactions for those affected customers will badly affect our reporting. For example, we already have a high number of churned revenue for April, since the affected customers did not have any transactions going forward (or even refunds for transactions in April) and we count those customers as having cancelled their license (since the license status is very unreliable, but that’s a separate issue).

This will create a lot of custom workarounds that we (and I’m sure many other partners as well) need to incorporate into our reporting.

Please reconsider to include those payments as transactions via the Marketplace reporting APIs. It would save us all from a lot of extra work. We’re already having trouble to regain accurate numbers for the month of April and have already spent multiple days of effort on this. Thanks!


I totally agree with @ben2 , this is essential! We need to see the transactions as normal transactions - after all, they do have a > $0 amount as far as vendor revenue is concerned.

Hi @ben2 @david2 ,

Totally valid concern here, unfortunately, it is a system limitation by design that these $0 transactions (aka non-sale transactions) don’t get recorded in the Marketplace reporting database. Instead, we will generate a list of affected SENs based on the invoice id provided in your remittance separately if that helps!


Hi @syong , could you at least generate a fake CSV export of these transactions - i.e. exactly what we would get from the Marketplace API if these transactions were recorded, in the exact same format? This way we could ingest this data alongside the MP data when we import it from the MP to our data warehouse. Clunky but at least it will make for consistent data.

Or, let’s be real, you could manually push these transactions - only 800 and something of them - into the Marketplace database. It might be an extra effort but Atlassian really m****d up this time and this would be a show of good faith to Vendors on Atlassian’s part.


Could you please clarify what you mean by one-time payment? Is this all effected customers (at once) - and will we receive payment each month for the twelve month period or 1x to cover 12 mos? For cloud customers that are annual subscriptions - will the “12 mos credit” be tacked onto the end of their existing license (ie. an extension)? At a minimum, I think we need granular detail by SEN. As David2 references - it would certainly be helpful to have these flow through marketplace as recorded transactions.

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Hi all,

We wanted to provide additional details regarding the financial concession. We will be paying all Partners for the impacted apps in the upcoming payment schedule on May 18th in one single payment . Any additional concession processed after May 12th will be included in the following payment schedule. You will receive a remittance advice outlining the concession for each individual AT invoice id. In addition, we will provide a list of SENs mapped to each unique AT invoice id for your reference separately. We kindly request your assistance to extend the impacted app expiration to avoid customer data deletion.

Thank you.

We appreciate that this makes it easier and cleaner for Atlassian. Please note however that this makes it difficult for us to capture on an accrual basis with our existing systems - it will affect MRR in management reporting as the transactions just won’t exist.

Really frustrating that you are pushing this on to Marketplace Partners to deal with. Yet another example of Conways Law popping up from Atlassian.

cc/ @ctalk - such a nuisance that Atlassian makes us deal with this rather than making it transparent to our existing systems.


Hi @ben2 @david2 @nick,

We are working hard to make this as easy as possible. For transparency, we’re currently exploring the option to include $0 transactions in the MPAC reporting APIs so ideally there’s no need for manual data import. Do you think this will be helpful? As opposed to generating a separate CSV file that mimics the reporting export format. Please bear in mind that this option might take some time to implement. We appreciate your patience here.

Thank you.


This would clearly make our work easier.
Does this mean that free licenses for 10 users will also be included in the transaction reporting?

Hi @syong,

How would those “$0 transactions” look like? Would they literally have $0 as the “vendorAmount”? If so, I don’t think it will be very useful for us (though it might be for other vendors?).

What we would need is for the transactions to show up as if there had been no Atlassian outage/refunds etc. in the first place. Otherwise, we’ll need to feed artificial transactions (that we need to create manually) into our systems so that our internal reporting and accounting does not derail.

Transactions should always match vendor payouts. We’ll happily wait a few more days/weeks if that’s what it takes. Thanks!

Hi @syong ,
I think having $0 transactions in MPAC reporting would both be much easier for this particular problem and very useful for “real” $0 transactions. I assume the special $0 transactions would still show a non-$0 vendor_amount, whereas the “regular” free licenses would show $0 in both purchase_price and vendor_amount, correct?

And what do you mean by “take some time to implement”? Are we talking weeks or months (years being clearly unacceptable for accounting purposes)?


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If it is $0 as the vendorAmount then that won’t help with our management reporting @syong, as that will still show a dip in MRR.

What we would all like to see is that the transactions come through from Atlassian, even as you do a bulk payment in the monthly remittance and RCTI.

As for timing, if it doesn’t happen in the next two weeks you’ll have a bunch of affected partners doing this manually so we/they can continue to understand the health of our various products and distributions (Cloud/Server/DC) without interruption.