$0 transactions will be added to Marketplace APIs on June 9, 2022

We have heard several Marketplace Partner requests to display $0 transactions in Marketplace reporting. We’ve been working to deliver this, and with recent feedback about how we processed transactions related to Atlassian’s recent outage, we’ve accelerated the timelines to provide this information. In the coming weeks, we will be providing transaction data to the Marketplace APIs for all 100% discounted transactions leading to $0 value.


Some of you may have seen or been negatively impacted by $0 transactions showing up unexpectedly in the APIs between May 30, 2022 and Jun 1, 2022. We apologize for the incident, it was the result of releasing the change with a feature flag but did not go as expected. We recognize this is just one of many incidents impacting the Marketplace data and APIs and we will be sharing more information in the coming months about our plans to improve the stability and reliability of these capabilities.

Deliverables - Phase 1

There will be two phases for the development work. The first phase will include $0 transactions which resulted from a 100% discount being applied to customer invoices. The transactions in phase 1 will contain the transaction IDs and the discount amount ( manualDiscountAmount, expertDiscountAmount or marketplacePromotionDiscountAmount ), and the $0 transactions will be available in the transactions API and reports. We expect this to be released by Jun 9, 2022 between 5:30 AM and 7:30 AM GMT. We will make an entry in the Marketplace changelog once this goes live.

It is important to note that on these $0 transactions the transaction amount will be $0 but the discount fields will have values in them which represent 100% of what would have otherwise been the transaction amount. If you have formulas within your systems that calculate a net value by subtracting the discount fields from the transaction amount, this will result in a negative value for these transactions. You will instead need to rely on the discount amounts to determine what the revenue would have been without a 100% discount applied. Since these were 100% discount transactions, the VendorAmount field will also be $0 since revenue share is calculated on the transaction amount which in this case is $0.


This release will include $0 transactions resulting from 100% discounts being applied going forward, along with $0 discounted transactions with a transaction date going back to Jul 1, 2019. Our goal here is to allow you to view and analyze historical data, and data in the future. If you have a business process that only pulls transactions within a certain period based on the last updated date, you will need to adjust that or do a separate query to get the entire history of these $0 transactions since the last updated date in the data is based on when the transaction was updated in Atlassian’s source systems and not when the transaction was last added or updated within the Marketplace API.

There are multiple reasons why 100% discounts may be applied, so the discount reason field will be added in phase 2.

We recognize this change is being released quickly, and some of you may need time to work with the data and make changes to your systems. Therefore, if you want to or need to omit these new transactions, you can exclude them by sending the excludeZeroTransactions query parameter as true. You are able to implement this parameter in advance of the change scheduled on June 9, 2022, if you need more time to determine how to handle these within your systems.

:information_source: Free 1-10 user tier Licenses will continue to be available through the following endpoint and will not be included in the scope of this change since they are not 100% discounted transactions.


The Atlassian Marketplace REST API

Specifics related to transactions resulting from the recent outage

The new transactions will include the concessions processed for the recent outage. You can find the discount amount in the manualDiscountAmount field. The vendorAmount field will show $0, although partners have been compensated for this difference. We recognize that this is not an ideal experience, but based on the non-standard way we processed these payments the vendorAmount is not currently in our same data sets. You can leverage the transaction id in the APIs as well as the ad-hoc files provided to you by Atlassian to join the data in your own systems.

For the customers who received the concessions and are allowed to upgrade for free during the next year of their subscription, each upgrade will also show as a $0 transaction within the API. The revenue share payments on these will continue to be processed in a different manner and we are committed to providing ad-hoc files for each month’s transactions until which time we are able to get the vendorAmount field in the APIs to reflect the revenue share payment.

Deliverables - Phase 2

In the second phase, we are planning to add the discount reason for each transaction into the reporting for better insights. We do not yet have a launch date locked in and are working through a few dependencies internally, but we will keep you all posted as soon as we have a better estimation in early August 2022.

We know many of you want to see us go even further with our reporting of $0 transactions to include entirely free apps, free starter, and additional use cases such as transactions resulting from ELA credits. These are areas we will continue to work through in our roadmaps, but do not have details or commitments to share at this time. As we have more information we will make it available.


Hi @syong Thank you for your ongoing support to resolve this!


@syong Can we always assume that if vendorAmount = 0 the entire discount will be found in the manualDiscountAmount?

@DinoStamatiou - Whenever Vendor amount is 0, discount amount will be available in one or more or the fields - manual discount amount, expert discount amount and marketplace promotion discount amount.

That being said, for the transactions impacted due to the recent outage, discount amount is going to be available in manual discount amount field only.

Hi @syong @MalathiVangalapati , are these new transactions excluded from the calculations in the churn and conversion rate EndPoints?
And are these licenses added or ignored (or where they already there) in the licenses EndPoint?

Also, these announcements concerning the marketplace API are ususally posted in the marketplace announcement space, will you still post API updates there or in the general announcement space from now?


Hi @EliottAudry, we recommend watching the Marketplace Changelog for any Marketplace API updates and changes. We are currently working on improving our communication, change management, and incident management practices over the coming months and quarters.

As for the first question, I’ll leave it to @MalathiVangalapati to confirm.


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@EliottAudry - Yes, these new transactions are excluded from churn, conversion rate end points.


@MalathiVangalapati thanks for the answers, we have two more importants questions regarding those end points:

If we have free <10 users apps:

  • are the evaluations <10 users included in the conversion rate values?
  • are the downgrades (ex: 12 to 8 users) included in the churn values?

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