Additional $0 transactions will now be available on transactions APIs

Hi developer community,

Last year, we added some $0 transactions (transactions resulting from 100% discounts) to the Marketplace APIs (you can read more about this here). At that time, we mentioned that we’d start providing transactions data in the following Marketplace APIs for other $0 transactions beyond 100% discount cases as well -

  • /rest/2/vendors/{vendorId}/reporting/sales/transactions
  • /rest/2/vendors/{vendorId}/reporting/sales/transactions/export

We have received multiple partner requests for other types of $0 transactions and we’re excited to share that we will begin providing transaction data for some other requested $0 transactions from June 19,2023 which will include -

  • Those transactions that are for user-tiers that are defined as $0 in the pricing plan
  • Transactions for
    • Community licenses in server and data center products
    • Open source licenses
  • Transactions for licenses having maintenanceStartDate same as maintenanceEndDate which is possible when the license is renewed on the same date
  • Transactions for licenses where the app was installed on the parent sandbox site during initial provisioning which are $0

Evaluations are excluded from the $0 transactions because they are not transactions in reality and while the old billing system supports creating invoices for evaluations, the new billing system does not. For uniformity, we will not include evaluations with $0 coming from the old billing system or the new billing system as part of these new changes.

How to access this data?

The transaction data would be available in transactions APIs and reports –

  • /rest/2/vendors/{vendorId}/reporting/sales/transactions
  • /rest/2/vendors/{vendorId}/reporting/sales/transactions/export

vendorAmount and purchasePrice would be 0 for $0 transactions.

We expect this to be released by June 19, 2023.

Similar to before, if you want to omit these new $0 transactions, you can exclude them by adding the excludeZeroTransactions query parameter as true in the API. This ensures existing and newly added 0$ transactions would be excluded.


Hello @PremankuChakraborty

Thank you for sharing this exciting news, this will improve the accuracy of our reporting!
It’s great to see that you’re listening to our feedback.

Will this change apply retroactively?
In other words, will we be able to access $0 transactions that occurred before June 19th?


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Hi @christophe.prome - Thanks and I am happy to see your feedback.

This change won’t apply retroactively. It will only be applicable to transactions starting June 19th.