Maximum number of issue glances per addon

Hello - I’m converting old web panels to glances and I can only every get one glance to appear from my descriptor, regardless of conditions.

Is there a limit of 1 glance per addon?

I’ve tried changing the order of the glances in the descriptor, but one of them (the first one I added to the descriptor) is always preferred, even if I change the module key… however, if I comment that out then the other glance shows up


We hit that limit too. I would love to hear from Atlassian if there are any plans to remove it.

@dmorrow @nmansilla are you able to shed light on this? It’s blocking us from releasing a feature

Hi @jbevan,

I haven’t heard of this limit before. I’ll reach out to the appropriate team within Atlassian.


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I just has this pointed out to me Use multiple glances in the issue view


If I used webPanels with location “atl.jira.view.issue.left.context” instead of glances, then I can have multiple “glances”…

That’s kind of workaround that might stop working when/if Atlassian decides to prune old issue view and related plugin points.
It could be great to have proper support for multiple glances displayed at the same time.

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The limit is a blocker for us too, and the workaround doesn’t work as we need to display multiple glances at the same time as we have distinctly different entities that need displaying.

At AtlasCamp 2017 we had been told that a multiple glances were going to be developed

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