Merge when pipeline succeeds on Bitbucket cloud

Hello everyone,

Is there an option to merge only when the pipeline is succeed on Bitbucket Cloud. When pipeline is successful then the merge button to be enabled.
Prevent PRs from being merged until all merge checks are met.
Thank you

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First, there is the built-in Branch permission to allow merges when builds complete and the merge checks are complete:

However, you only can click the merge button when all merge checks did pass. This can be annoying: For example if another team member needs to approve the pull request, then you still need to baby-sit the pull request to finally click the merge button.

As an alternative, we are working on DevSensei Auto Merge, which has a slight different approach. If you want to merge a pull request automatically, add the [SHOW] prefix to the pull request title. Then, if there are no failed builds, no open tasks and no changes requested, the pull request is merged automatically. Its a new app, and we are still gathering feedback on how the app should work. Any feedback, trello, support or here, is welcome.

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