Method to get the build_id(knows in REST as entity_id) from the build table for a entityType JOB

There are some REST APIs that need the entity_id from, for instance, the JOB. This entity_id is the build_id from the table build where the build_type is JOB.

Since there’s no way to get this via REST, I thought, hey, I will build a plugin that will return the value I want.

I tried to do the following(please ignore the code bad smell XD, just testing):

return Response.ok(new EntityIdModel(jobService.getJob(PlanKeys.getJobKey(PlanKeys.getPlanKey("PROJ-PLAN"), "JOB1")).getOid().getValue()+"")).build();

But of course, getOid returns the value of the oid column related to the job and not the build_id.

So, there’s any method that returns what I’m looking for, I mean, the build_id?