Migrate bitbucket server to server

I would like to migrate our Bitbucket standalone server between clusters.
I was checked the following link
But unfortunately the list of items that are not migrated is too long.

Anyone has experience how can I migrate the whole bitbucket server as-it-is with repositories to a new machine?
Thank you

Bitbucket’s export/import functionality is for exporting projects/repos from one Bitbucket DC instance into another Bitbucket DC instance that also contains data. So it’s most appropriate for company mergers or cases where you want to merge two different servers.

If you’re just looking to move your Bitbucket Server/DC instance to another machine (keeping all data and not merging any data with another server), it’s often as simple as installing Bitbucket on the new machine (using the installer or unzipping the tar/zip file), copying the home directory to the new machine, and starting up Bitbucket on the new machine. Bitbucket will use the same DB as before (if you want to migrate to a new DB, you can use the admin page to do that once Bitbucket is started up).

You may want to get in touch with support for more specific advice: https://getsupport.atlassian.com/

Hello @bplump ,
Thank you for the answer. It sounds good.
There is an other “issue” , I would move from Windows hosted Bitbucket server to a Linux hosted one.