Migrating Tickets from a custom ticketing system to jira service management

Hi there,
we want to migrate our custom ticketing system to jira service management.

Is there an official way to import a huge amount of companies, users and tickets from the old system to jira service management? Should I just use the default rest-api provided by jira or are there other options, i.e. an import function based on a json or something like that?

Would be great to hear your experiences and pitfalls. Also some pointers to start would be great.

Greetings, Elio

You can import issues in CSV or JSON format. CSV allows only the latest state of issues to be imported. JSON also allows histories to be imported.

Hi @ElioSchmutz,

As this is a single import for a single site, you might also like to ask over in our other community site

James Richards
Developer Support Engineer

Hi Elio,

You can contact Help Desk Migration [https://help-desk-migration.com/] - an automated migration service that transfers data to/from many help desks, ticketing systems, CSV or databases, including Jira Service Management. The automated flow can be adjusted to your requirements and customized as well.

(Disclaimer: I work for this service.) There are a bunch of automatedly supported platforms but custom migration from unsupported migration can be discussed with the team.