Migration App Assessment columns not accurate

Some migration screens have incorrect information for the apps we’re trying to migrate:

  1. The first page “Assess” column “Can be migrated” should have “Automated path“ instead of “Contact Vendor”

  2. The third page “Install” column “Message from vendor” should not say we don’t have specific instructions.

  3. The last page “Agree” says we don’t have an automation path, but we do.

(Have been attempting to resolve these first for Tableau for Confluence - Pro.)

Steps taken to try to correct it based on App Assessment UI docs:

  1. Update keys in Migration info endpoint (API docs) at https://marketplace.atlassian.com/rest/2/addons/tableau-plugin/migration
    1. Made sure cloudMigrationAssistantCompatibility matches the migration-ready dev version of Tableau for Confluence - Pro I’m testing with
    2. Added placeholder for featureDifferenceDocumentation
    3. Added placeholder for migrationDocumentation
  2. Uninstall and reinstall Tableau for Confluence - Pro into local dev environment
  3. Hard-refresh CCMA page and check columns again

This does not resolve the issue. Any ideas on what we could be missing?

Hi @Steven,

Thanks for your great post and your investigation. You’re 99.9% on the way and you’re missing some of the magic ingredients.

I can see based on our documentation that you have the right pieces in place for the /migration endpoint:

$ curl --silent --request GET --url 'https://marketplace.atlassian.com/rest/2/addons/tableau-plugin/migration' --header 'Accept: application/json' | jq '.'
  "vendorId": 1212980,
  "addonKey": "tableau-plugin",
  "addonName": "Tableau for Confluence - Pro",
  "cloudAddonKey": "tableau-for-confluence",
  "featureDifferenceDocumentation": "https://example.com/bar",
  "migrationDocumentation": "https://example.com/foo",
  "cloudMigrationAssistantCompatibility": "1.4.3"

When I have tested this I see the EAP information

I suspect there might be a caching issue with the data and so either a restart of Confluence or going to cog > General Configuration > Cache Management and then scroll down and click Flush All should refresh the cache we use for app assessment and then I expect you’ll see the EAP information. Also ensure you have the latest version of CCMA installed.

The magic you’re really looking for is to turn on the EAP dark feature to activate what you really want to see

Following the steps here

Use the following link to enable the Confluence feature flag migration-assistant.app-migration.feature : <Confluence_URL>/admin/darkfeatures.action

What you should then see on the next pages are message like the screenshot above and
This vendor hasn’t supplied any specific instructions. Contact your cloud app vendor for support. and so on.

I hope this helps.


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Yep, clearing the cache fixed it. Thanks.

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What is required to change the highlighted column in this screenshot into a link to a relevant documentation page?

Hi @Steven,

This message will be removed in the general release.


Good to know, thank you.