Migration in CSV and JSON only

As of Jira 8.4, when you import your data from an external issue tracker to Jira, you can do so in the CSV or JSON file formats only. We have deprecated all product-specific importers, so you cannot use them any more. Concentrating on CSV and JSON will give us enough bandwidth to improve these two most frequently used importers. We’ve already introduced some performance improvements to the CSV import to speed things up for you.

As we’re planning the backlog for the upcoming months, you can help us prioritise the required improvements to the CSV and JSON imports so that migration is seamless and straightforward.

Let us know any comments you have or issues you’ve experienced under this post. In this way we can focus on what’s going to bring most value.

The Jira team (Server and Data Center)


I heavily use the JSON Importer since the Trac Importer provided by JIM was so terrible. I think I can enumerate my frustrations at the very least:

Documentation is poor (Schema is poorly documented, examples are incomplete) – Advanced examples of History, Comments would be great. For instance, properly importing History of Status Changes was a total nightmare that took several iterations to get correct.

Without a dryrun import, we need to clutter and mutate the -test instance, determine what went wrong, then fully reset the -test instance. Can we get a dryrun feature? What will be rejected or accepted by the importer regarding users or data is not clear without serious trial and error. It’s not clear without testing whether or not a user will be Imported, Imported as Disabled, or will fail the entire import process. Additionally, it would be great to know in which situations a field is created, vs an existing field is used. It’s not clear when new options are created in Jira fields.

I’ve been using the JSON import monthly for about two years now – I’m pretty deep into it and was planning on writing my OWN JIM importer. Will the API still be supported? Am I free to write my own importers for JIM?