Migration of JIRA plugins from Server to DataCenter


We have developed many plugins built on top of our JIRA instance in order to customize it and add some extra functionalities (e.g. listeners, rest apis, custom field types, active objects, servlets, …).
Given that the end of support of the server license will be in February 2024, we need to assess ahead of time the compatibility of these plugins once we move to Data Center. Can you please help us? Do you think that there will be any development required for this migration or they will be compatible with DataCenter?

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Hi @rosy.salame ,

If your app has published in marketplace then you need add some tags in atlassian-plugin.xml so that the marketplace know that your plugin is Data Center compatible.

    <vendor name="${project.organization.name}" url="${project.organization.url}" />
    <param name="atlassian-data-center-status">compatible</param>
    <param name="atlassian-data-center-compatible">true</param>

Before you add the data center ready xml param in the atlassian-plugin.xml - make sure to test your app according guideline from Atlassian depending on the functionality of your app.

Your app needs to do more testing according to Atlassian guideline before moving to Data-center.




HELLO @jrichards @MartynaWojtas
we are also migrating from “jira software server” to “jira data center” we are also having the same fears.
Any help is much much appreciated

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Technically moving from server to DC is just updating the license, so there will be no compatibility issues of your plugins. I’m pretty sure, there will be no problems either after cluster setup.

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It’s more than just updating the XML. You have to test and make sure that you aren’t storing anything in a single node that other nodes can’t access. But as shown above, there’s documentation on getting ready and then submitting your app for approval.


Sharing our experiences doing the same:

Look at how your plugins uses (writes) cache, has a scheduler and if you write anything directly to the disk and expect it to access later (basically waht @jrichards James)
Basically look at https://developer.atlassian.com/server/jira/platform/developing-for-high-availability-and-clustering/ to see what you need to fix (if anything).
Consider always using Atlassian provided APIs for mentioned functionality :slight_smile: