Migration to Confluence REST API v2 - Question about deprecated endpoints

Hello! :slight_smile:

Our team is currently migrating project from Confluence REST API v1 to Confluence REST API v2. I was trying to get some answer in the confluence directly based on some articles etc but i was not able to find anything.

My first question Do we need to migrate only the endpoint’s from REST API v1 which are deprecated or we have to migrate all of the endpoint’s before deadline ?

My second question: Do we know more or less what is the current deadline of migration to REST API v2?

Hi Krystian.

  1. You only need to migrate the marked deprecated endpoints. For instance, the /search and the /users endpoints are not deprecated.
  2. The current deadline is (at least) June 2024, announced in Confluence REST API v2: Update to v1 Deprecation Timeline

For those who haven’t migrated to V2 yet, note that Atlassian just added back some “expand” options into the V2 api. See Confluence Cloud Change Log - Feb 12 2024

We migrated a few months ago and several of the single calls in V1 had to be split to multiple calls in V2. In hindsight we would have delayed had we known better v2 API’s were coming.


I don’t know why any of you are migrating yet. v2 is very clearly incomplete and my theory holds that I think the particular Atlassian team here is forcing the developer community to do crowdsourced self-discovery.

ie they intentionally set short deadlines (which they extend at the last minute) and awful communication about the status of work, all in order to pressure us to migrate to an incomplete API so we discover all the problems for them.

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