Minor release for Jira Server 7.9.0 and Jira Service Desk Server 3.12.0 Released

Summary of changes

Listed are the changes in this release. The ones in bold hold at least a low-risk level to affecting Plugin developers apps/plugins.

  • Asynchronous cache replication - Jira Data Center
  • Improved Kanban boards - Jira Software
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2016 - Jira Core, Software, JSD
  • Wildcard search for version fields - Jira Core, Software, JSD
  • Empty JQL queries - Jira Core, Software, JSD
  • Audit log - new events - Jira Software
  • Delimiters for CSV - Jira Core, Software, JSD

Head over to the Preparing for Jira 7.9 doc to find out more about each new change.

Release notes

Jira Core Server 7.9.0

Find the release notes for Jira Core Server 7.9.0 for more information on this minor release.

Jira Software Server 7.9.0

Find the release notes for Jira Software Server 7.9.0 for more information on this minor release.

Jira Service Desk Server 3.12.0

Find the release notes for Jira Service Desk Server 3.12.0 for more information on this minor release.

Released April 9, 2018

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Thank you @rwhitbeck for these. 2 hours after this announcement we got the first “please upgrade” request.

With Atlassian moving to more frequent releases - is it possible to either get sooner notifications ahead of time or perhaps JIRA and Confluence move to the same model that Bitbucket Server does (where they’re really really good at being backwards compatible for apps and do the updates automatically)?

The current situation is not that awesome for the customer experienc where they’re essentially pushing us to “make things” compatible. :frowning: (note though: it’s not that we aren’t wanting to make things compatible - it’s just that we don’t know when we should start the final verification).


Hey, @daniel as you know I’ve been trying to get sooner notifications for you regarding when releases are going to happen. Unfortunately, I have not had success getting the teams to agree to pre-releasing release dates early. There are a lot of moving parts in putting together a release and it takes a considerable amount of time.

Because of the sizable checklist, the team doesn’t want to get into a situation where we tell you a release date and then have to hold the date due to an issue that arises.

I’ll keep prodding them to see if we can get there.

In the meantime, the best indication of a release date, that I can see, is the EAP. In the last two minor releases, the release came 7-10 days after the EAP was released.

7.8 - 7 days later
7.9 - 10 days later

While it’s not a rock solid date it is a good indicator that a release is imminent. So keep an eye out for the blog announcement for the EAP and add 7-10 days.

If you’re interested in getting notified as soon as the release happens you can use these RSS feeds.

I take those feeds and create an applet in ifttt.com which will send me an email when any new RSS feed is updated.

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I guess I should start adding improvements to https://iapetus.fyi @daniel, like notifications. You will still not get updated on forehand but you will get a heads-up as soon as possible

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@remie That would be great! I like your versions overview on https://iapetus.fyi
I keep using that again & again to check for new versions instead of digging for that information directly into rss feeds.

@rwhitbeck It might be worth mentioning the EAP rss feeds as well: https://developer.atlassian.com/platform/marketplace/early-access-program

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Awesome thanks for that!