Missing alt.page.metadata.banner WebPanel location in space overview content

Hi, is there not supposed to be a alt.page.metadata.banner WebPanel location in the space overview content like other normal pages, I’m not sure if this has always been unavailable?

I’m currently rendering components in the alt.page.metadata.banner WebPanel location and I noticed that the component appears for all pages except the space overview page and using the Web Fragment Finder For Confluence plugin, I was able to see that it’s the only location missing in the space overview compared to normal pages. See below for comparison:

Space overview

Normal pages


Hi @yoonkean.siaw,

I have created https://jira.atlassian.com/browse/CONFCLOUD-71231 to track this.


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@yoonkean.siaw, could you provide more details about your use case? What is your app trying to display in this location?

Elaine, Confluence Cloud Product Manager

Hi @ElaineH,


We have a customer who uses Scaffolding Field Group macros in default space templates and is expecting to be able to edit fields just like in a regular page.

However, as we’ve come to realise - there isn’t a alt.page.metadata.banner webpanel location in Space Overviews which uses these space templates so we’re unable to render an Edit Content button in that location as we did in regular pages.

We’re currently looking into utilising the atl.general webpanel location in Space overviews as a temporary workaround although would prefer the alt.page.metadata.banner location so it looks standardized and uniform with any other regular page which has Scaffolding Field Group macros.

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