Missing author details in new "Get footer comments for page/blog post" endpoint(s)

Hi there,

I’m currently using the v1 Get content comments endpoint to retrieve comments (including author details) on pages and blog posts. I’m passing in history to expand to then retrieve the comment author details as described in this forum post.

I’m in the process on investigating a transition to the v2 API and I’m unsure whether it’s possible to retrieve the author details alongside comments?

Seemingly the equivalent API is v2 Get footer comments for page and v2
Get footer comments for blog post, however these by default don’t return the author details, and don’t include an expand parameter. So seemingly to retrieve all comments for a page/blog post one would need to:

  1. Query v2 Get footer comments for page/blog post and get version.authorId for all results
  2. Use the v1 Get multiple users using ids endpoint to lookup all authors from previous call
  3. Merge the comment and author values

Is there a simpler approach to the above? And if not, would it be possible to update the v2 Get footer comments for page/blog post endpoints to support returning author details as part of the comment payload?

Hey there @joshp :wave:

Thanks for taking the time to transition to the v2 APIs and providing an answer in that forum post!

Your understanding is correct: the v2 footer comment APIs do not provide author/user information aside from the authorId. They are separate entities and the endpoints require different scopes as well.

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