Missing important Look and Feel options in ADG3 instances

As we plan for the migration of our Confluence Cloud instance to ADG3 we noticed some things that are missing. We have made significant investment in the navigation and look and feel of one of our Confluence Cloud sites using features such as Colour Schemes and Side bar, header, and footer support that is part of Space Tools. These features do not seem to be fully available in our ADG3 instance.

We need to be able to do things like quick links to pages in the space, in different spaces, and external to the site, image links, configurable tree navigation, global footers, and so on.

Is this support currently available and we missed it?
Is there a plan to support these features?
If not, what is the plan for users to do this level of customization?



Hi Jeff! Would it be possible for you to post or send me screen shots of the features you’ve outlined?

I want to make sure I understand which specific features you’re referring to. I can then come back to you with an update as to whether they’ll be supported in ADG3.

Hi Caroline,

Thanks so much for your help. I have sent you an email with the details. For anyone else that is interested or possibly following this topic because you have similar needs you can see what we are generally talking about by visiting Confluence and primarily looking at the customizations to the left nav area.


Hi Jeff - I’ll elaborate on each of the missing features that you’re currently using on bobswift.atlassian.net. Please let me know if I’ve missed anything.

Space directory
The space directory has moved from the global navigation (global sidebar in ADG3) and is now accessible via the new dashboard sidebar. This change is in place for ADG3 instances already.

Header / sidebar / footer
Header and footer customisations will eventually be supported in ADG3, but sidebar customisations will not. Header and footer support has not yet been implemented, but the plan at this stage is to do so before the end of July. We have just reintroduce space shortcuts in ADG3, which will allow for deep-linking into space content.

Colour scheme
Customisations of colour scheme will only be possible via the settings UI on a global-level. The colour customisation allows for the selection of two colours: one for text and icons, and one for background (i.e. global & dashboard sidebars). The customisation of colour schemes on a space-level will not be supported in ADG3.

Set space as homepage
This functionality will change slightly as part of ADG3. Instead of setting a space as homepage, we’re planning to support setting a page as homepage. It’s unlikely that this implementation will be completed before ADG3 is rolled out to all customers, which means there will be a temporary gap around this functionality.

Regarding no sidebar customization - that is really unfortunate :(.

  1. At least would it be possible to have an option to open Pages in a page tree with a certain number of levels at least 2. It is annoying to get to a point where you can see a bit of the hierarchy.
  2. Can you tell us what will be possible to do in a page header/footer? Include a page is what would be best. Any restrictions on content?
  3. Any documentation listing other capabilities that have been removed?
  4. We will need some weeks to prepare changes for the site once all functions are available and we know exactly what can be done.

Hi Bob - thanks for your questions. I’ll respond to each point:

  1. Yup, I understand your point on this. I’ll pass this on to the ADG3 team as a feature request, to be considered as part of the roadmap.

  2. The goal is to offer the same level of header / footer support in ADG3 as what is currently supported. Subsequently including a page should be supported.

  3. This page is being used to communicate to customers what is changing as part of the ADG3 rollout on Confluence Cloud: Blog Posts | Atlassian Cloud | Atlassian Documentation

  4. The deadline for all Confluence Cloud instances to be enabled with ADG3 is the end of July. There are a couple of exclusions in place (e.g. space colour customisation, setting space as homepage) that should keep bobswift.atlassian.net from being targeted with ADG3 until then.

I noticed in our ADG3 instance that we now see space options for header and footer. Thank you for that. It also says you can customize the side bar but there doesn’t seem to be a sidebar option and assuming what was said above it won’t be supported. Is that correct? Just confirming!