Missing instructions "Getting started with Connect"

For “The Official Atlassian Connect Node Example App”:
Fill out all the .env variables:

# Atlassian Jira URL eg. https://example-app.atlassian.net

The example isn´t helpfull at all. What link should be there? Do I have to programm the app myself, where would i host it via atlassian?

  1. Form the step by step:

Step 1. Get a cloud development site

1: Menu. ok.
2: Jira Core. Well, that isn´t an option given.

For an introduction to Jira, that isn´t really helpfull.

Welcome to the Atlassian Developer Community, @TobiasHinkefent.

What link should be there?

With the assumption that this is the sample app you are referring to, the ATLASSIAN_URL should contain your Jira Cloud instance’s URL. This is used if you want the sample app to autoinstall in a development Jira Cloud instance. However, you can manually install it by following these steps

Do I have to programm the app myself

For this sample app, you don’t have to.

where would i host it via atlassian?

For this sample app (and for testing purposes), the app can run on your machine, and ngrok will help make the app visible to your Jira Cloud instance and install it by making it available to the internet.
If you are asking about hosting a production Connect app, then you have to host it yourself.

Thanks for raising this. I have raised an internal ticket to fix the outdated image in the documentation. In the mean time, you can click Jira instead.


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