Missing nonce support from @atlaskit/tree

@atlaskit/tree uses react-beautiful-dnd internally.

The DragDropContext used within Tree.ts cannot be given any custom props. It would support a nonce among it’s props, which my team is utilizing in other parts of my codebase to support a strict content security policy. It is however seems impossible to do with the <Tree /> component due to the lack of options in providing a nonce to the internal <DragDropContext />.

It would be fairly simple to add a nonce prop to <Tree /> which would then pass it down to <DragDropContext /> (even better would be to allow propagating any of it’s supported props to <DragDropContext />, but that’s not actually needed in this case).

Is this the right place to ask / propose this to be implemented?

Thanks for reaching out @attila_pix - I’ll pass this request on to the relevant team.

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