Missing reporter email address in getuser api

Hai all,
I created a forge custom UI app and try to get the reporter email address for the specific issue with the REST API.
I used the same code given in the above link. I got every data except the data that i want(reporter email address). I made a small change in the code that define in above link. I used asUser() scope instead of asApp() scope.
In manifest.yml file,

    - storage:app
    - read:jira-user
    - read:jira-work
    - write:jira-work
    - manage:jira-configuration
    - report:personal-data

I need to use myself REST API also(https://developer.atlassian.com/cloud/jira/platform/rest/v3/api-group-myself/#api-rest-api-3-myself-get). Shall i add any scope permission in manifest.yml file to get reporter email address? Kindly share your thoughts.

Thanks in advance…

Hello @SuryaA

For the query against the get issue endpoint, did the REST API return values for that user’s accountId and displayName within the reporter data?

Hai @sunnyape yes i can get accountId and displayName of the reporter. With that accountId also i tried to get emailAddress of the user using getuser REST API. But i didn’t get the emailAddress.

Hello @SuryaA

What REST API endpoint were you using to try and get that other user’s email address based on their accountID?


Given that the lookup of other user’s email addresses by unauthorised applications and user accounts has been deprecated for a long time now, that would probably be the reason.

@sunnyape Thanks for your quick replies. Is there any other way available to get the emailAddress of the reporter in forge apps?

Unless you have contacted Atlassian and gotten specific permission from them to whitelist your app to allow it to lookup email addresses of users, the short answer is no.

Email addresses of other users are considered personal information and no longer generally returned via the API.

@sunnyape Really thanks for your help. I will check about any other possibility. Because it’s mandatory to my application.