Missing workflow status of issues on the backlog

I was unable to find this issue elsewhere, but we used to be able to view the workflow status of an issue easily in the backlog. For example, each issue would have a visible status within each sprint that referenced whether it was In Progress, Needs Refinement, Backlog, etc. It looks like it has been removed as of earlier this week, but TBD. Any idea how it was removed and if we’re able to get this view back?
Typically you would find the status next to an Epic label and/or to the left of the story point and priority.

Welcome to the Atlassian developer community @RappoldAmanda,

I don’t know. I still see status and epics on the right of my backlog. If you haven’t already, maybe a “hard” reload of the page. For me, that’s Command-Shift-R.

If that’s not the trick, I think you might get a better answer from the Atlassian user community.