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Hello everyone, I am having a problem with the modal for custom UI, when I perform the process to open the modal, in theory only the modal resource should be rendered but so does the background.

const openModal = (data = {}) => {
        const modal = new Modal();
        modal.context = {
        modal.resource = 'modal-resource';
        modal.onClose = (payload) => {
            if (payload) {
        modal.size = 'medium'; => {


I am also having problems when closing the modal since I get the following error.

I await your prompt help with this problem and I appreciate your attention.

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Hey, I think you need to create the modal instance outside the openModal function. I had the same problem, so I decided to write a blog about this.

I create the modal instance outside the component and I try to create the modal instance outside the openModal function but I have the same problem.

Screenshot from 2021-10-06 11-53-45

Screenshot from 2021-10-06 11-54-01

Screenshot from 2021-10-06 11-54-11

I installed your application and it has the same problem, this problem appeared on 05/10/2021 in the morning, because before it had everything working correctly.

Everything is good but when I click on the button, the button change for modal information.

and when the modal load the information to render, everything in background change.

We are facing a same problem.
So we’ve created the issue but not triaged yet :frowning:

I wonder it is a bug between Jira cloud and Forge…


@kchan - There seems to be a critical regression in the custom UI modal feature. I can confirm the same exact issue reported above in my own application. (I’m tagging you because you replied to the last issue involving modals.)

Here is a 30-second screen recording of the issue…pretty much matches the screen shots shared by @JonathanMejia : Issue with Forge Custom UI Modals - YouTube.

Also, here is a log file from my browser: Custom UI Modal Issue.txt (60.3 KB)

Is there a way for me to escalate this issue? I’ll also post my recording and log file to FRGE-501.

Thank you for your help!

P.S. I should also note that this issue can be reproduced in my production environment which hasn’t been updated in nearly a month.

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Thanks for raising this issue, we’re looking into it now. Will be back with an update soon.

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We’ve released a fix to production. Please let me know if you are still facing the issue.

Sorry for the disruption to usability for your apps that this caused. After any incident like this, we always take the opportunity to reflect on what the root causes that resulted in an incident like this were and how we can avoid similar incidents in the future.