Modal Dialog from byline item instead of inline dialog?

Currently the confluence:contentBylineItem in Forge only supports opening an inline dialog when clicked. In connect it was also possible to open a modal dialog from the byline item instead.
Are there any plans to bring this option back in Forge?

Our use case is that we need to display a larger “report” of sorts for the current page which needs a larger modal dialog.
Previously we just used the inline dialog to show a small summary of the report (think “3 errors on page” or “no errors on page”) and a button that opens the full modal dialog. With the recently added option to have a dynamic byline properties we moved that summary into the byline item text/icon, so the inline dialog is now effectively just a container for the button to open the modal dialog.

I think technically it would be possible right now to just unconditionally render a ModalDialog inside of the InlineDialog component to immediately open the modal once the inline dialog has finished loading. But that is a weird user experience because Confluence then would first show an inline dialog with a spinner and then pop up the modal dialog instead (and the inline dialog would still be open when the modal is closed).

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Hi @thomas2 ,

My guess is that this is not on the near term roadmap, but will be possible at some point.


We really would like a large modal too