Modal dialog in jira:projectPage not across whole page

I am using Modal dialog in Forge Custom UI jira:projectPage, but the modal window is not across the whole Jira webpage, but just modal related to the page container. See screenshot. Is there a way to enlarge this?

Are you using Modal from the Custom UI Bridge? If so that’s a weird bug, I wasn’t able to recreate it.

I am using Modal from Atlaskit. Was not aware of a Custom UI specific Modal. Thank you very much for the hint. Will try it the next day. :slight_smile:

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No worries, I think we need to improve our documentation on this :+1:

Can you provide some additional guidance on what needs to go where?

I have static/hello-world/src/App.js with function App() { ... return (<div><Button>Open Modal</Button></div>); }. I guess inside this function App I define the const modal = new Modal({...});?

But where to put the modal-resource.js? Is it required to put that in a separate folder under static? And that requires its own npm build process?

Or can I define the modal dialog also inside the new Modal({})?

And could you give an example on where and how to create a form in this modal?

I am sorry, beginners questions.

@AdamMoore Could you provide some hints on how to use Modal for Custom UI? See questions above.


Sorry for the slow response on this but maybe this will still help.

You declare the modal resource in your manifest like this:

    - key: modal-tester-hello-world
      resource: main
      title: modal-tester
      route: hello-world
  - key: main
    path: static/hello-world/build
  - key: my-modal
    path: static/my-modal/build

Then open the modal in your app with something like this:

import React from 'react';
import { Modal } from '@forge/bridge';

const App = () => {
    const modal = new Modal({
        resource: 'my-modal',
        size: 'max'
    const handleClick = e => {;
    return (
            <button onClick={handleClick}>Modal!</button>

export default App;

And some code for the my-modal App.js like this

import React from 'react';

const App = () => {
  return (
        I'm a modal

export default App;

The part that can trip folks up is not using relative paths when accessing the Custom UI assets. See more here:

Thank you very much for helping me with some sample code.

(As a React newbie) I had to learn that I have to create a second React app in static/my-modal. Not just put a my-modal-resource.js in another folder how I misunderstood from the documentation.

I created this second React app for the modal by copying my static/hello-world originally created by forge create as part of jira:projectPage. Is there a better way to create a blank new React app inside a forge project?

The modal should actually be a form with some input fields. Should I use ModalBody, ModalFooter, ModalHeader, ModalTitle etc from Atlaskit?

And I guess the submit would be handled inside the modal React app and you viewport.close when done?