Modal dialog resize is not working in IE11

When I have a modal dialog and its height is taller than the screen height, in Internet Explorer 11 I can’t see the buttons on the footer of the dialog and I can’t close it. Please see the image below.

Hey @bgummer, can you please or someone from your team to take a look to this? Is a blocker for us to provide compatibility with IE11 and we have several clients waiting for a solution.
Thanks in advance!

Hi @david.garcia I’ve raised an issue for this with the Atlaskit team - i’m not working on Atlaskit anymore but I’ve called out on the issue that this is a blocker for you. I’ll ask the Atlaskit team to keep you updated here. Thanks :slight_smile:

Awesome! thanks @bgummer!

@bgummer how can we know that this is fixed? can you ask your Atlaskit colleagues to provide the info please? maybe an issue or pull request to track

Thanks and sorry, I know you’re not working on this anymore but you are the only point of info I have :slight_smile:

Hello @david.garcia,

this issue has been raised and tracked internally - thanks @bgummer for that.

We will start working on it soon - ETA max 2 weeks.

Once in pull-request, I will be able to share more information


Awesome, thanks @rbellebon!

Hello @david.garcia,

The fix has been applied and will be available in the last version of the component 3.2.4.

Let us know if you need anything from us,


Thanks @rbellebon we’ll take a look and test it asap.