Modal Extension not working in Pull Request Overview Page


I have clone this repo and tried adding Modal Extension in Pull Request Overview page but it is not working. Modal is not visible on the right side whereas ButtonExtension is working.

Below is the code

import { ModalExtension } from '@atlassian/clientside-extensions';

 * @clientside-extension
 * @extension-point bitbucket.ui.pullrequest.overview.summary
export default ModalExtension.factory((pluginApi, context) => {
    // A glyph name from '@atlaskit/icon/glyph/jira/labs';
    // Check the AK docs for more icons
    const iconAfter = 'jira/labs';

    return {
        hidden: false,
        label: 'My diff toolbar extension',
        onAction: modalApi => {
            modalApi.onMount(container => {
                modalApi.setTitle('My diff toolbar extension!');

                        text: 'Close',
                        onClick: () => {

                container.innerHTML = `
                        <h3>Hello there!</h3>
                        <p>Here is the context</p>
                        <pre style="white-space: pre-wrap; word-break: break-all;">
                            ${JSON.stringify(context, null, '  ')}

Any help with above issue will be much appreciated

Hi @AllwynSiluvainathan, can you try checking the Debugging and Troubleshooting guide for CSE?