Modifying content of page tree in sidebar


i’m new in developing confluence plugins. I collected some information about how to but i have a few specific questions.
I want to modify the content of the page tree in the sidebar of page. The content should be reordered depending on the role the user have.
My Question is now what do i need to do this. Do i need to write a new Theme or Plugin and how do i get the data of the page tree to modify it?

Hopefully you can help me to get on my way.


You can do it by space :

  1. In side bar, click on Configure Sidebar and hide the default page tree
  2. Go in Space Tools then Look and Feel and finally Sidebar, header and footer tab
  3. In sidebar, you can call an existing macro.

You have now 2 options :

  • Develop a user macro
  • Develop a macro inside a plugin

You can then call it in the sidebar ( point 3 )

Both solutions are working, however I faced a problem when I did it with a macro plugin, I had to create a user macro that call my plugin macro because it seems like you can call the user macro with wiki markup but not a plugin macro.

so there isn’t any option making use of JavaScript in the sidebar, is it?
Can I manipulate the sidebar via the HTML Macro?