Modifying pluginData with REST

Hi there!

I’ve got a Power-Up which registers a webhook so when a new card is created/moved, I want to create/modify its pluginData via Node JS.

I’ve checked the API docs and saw that the PUT/POST endpoint for pluginData is not documented. I looked at the developer console and saw that that they exist but doing it myself gave me this message: “private pluginData is limited to approved applications”.

Is this a possibility or is this functionality not supported?

Appreciate any help, cheers!

Hello there,

This functionality is not supported for third party devs as pluginData may contain more sensitive information. Sorry about that!

Is there a way to store data on a card via REST and also be able to read that data in a power-up (e.g. t.card() or t.get())?


PUT, POST, and DELETE methods are not supported for managing pluginData. You can only GET pluginData via the API.

Please, refer to this section of the documentation for additional info.