MojoExecutionException&.ContainerException&failed to finish deploying within the timeout period [600000]

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I encountered the following exception while starting up JIRA with command ‘atlas-run’, and the exception still exists after executing ‘atlas-clean’ and re-run.

I can not figure out what happened. I searched the related questions in Atlassian answer Community, but no concrete answers could be found.

So,is there any suggestion to solve this problem?

Thank you.


Something is preventing your cargo container from deploying. It looks like another user was having a very similar issue back in 2014:

There was a suggestion that it was a problem with Windows 10 + Solid State drive in this users case, but it could also point to a problem with your tomcat config etc.

Is this a new plugin or an existing one?


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Thank you very much, Melissa.
The exception was caused by installation of my company’s software. It restricts the installation and running of other software or program.

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