Monetizing a Power-Up - do Atlassian take a cut?

Hi everyone,
I’ve asked Atlassian for help about this, and seem to be getting nowhere, and can’t seem to find anything about it.

Does anyone know when monetizing a power-up, if Atlassian take a percentage cut or fee please?

Unfortunately when asking Atlassian questions about creating and publishing a power-up they just refer me to this developer community forum, rather than just giving me a direct answer.

Huge thanks in advance!


Atlassian do not run a mechanism to take money for Trello power ups.

if you want to take money for a Trello power up then you need to do all the payment, license fulfillment etc as part of that development. We have rolled our own as part of our power ups.

There are many different models for monetizing as well - e.g. per user, per board. Atlassian Jira is easy - users are habituated to pay for all the users in their tier. Power up developers on Trello don’t have the same learned behaviour to fall back on.


That’s so helpful thank you jworsley!