moveCardToBoard and moveCardFromBoard actions

Hi there :blush:

I’m trying to sync my understanding for the following actions and their meaning/usecases in order to resolve some nasty edge cases within the powerup which I’m working on atm.

In short

  • moveCardToBoard

    These actions are dispatched as webhook to boards who have a card moved in by given boardSource, right?

    :question: we do have in our DB actions with dates earlier than the moveCardToBoard action itself which is a little bit confusing to me - how these actions happened within the board before the card has been moved to that board? :confused:

  • moveCardFromBoard

    These actions are dispatched as webhook to boards who have a card moved out to given boardTarget, right?

    :question: we do have in our DB actions with dates later than the moveCardFromBoard action itself which is also confusing to my understanding so possibly I’m missing something essential here. How these actions after moveCardFromBoard happened within the board when the card hasn’t been in that board anymore? :confused:

What I’m trying to do?

Atm we want to be able to detect when a card has been moved out (or in) a board so that we can run computations within the given board. The problem is that our logic fails miserably :blush: because we assume that before (or after) moveCardToBoard and moveCardFromBoard there won’t be other actions (but in reality there seems to be present).

Note that we fetch the actions and sort them by their date property.

Note2: this works as expected but happens (lately more often) that we get actions with timestamps before (or after) the respective moveCardToBoard and moveCardFromBoard actions and it then gets confusing what to do with them :)))

It would be really helpful if you have any insights on the topic and if something isn’t clear I can provide more details & samples.


It is also interesting is there any way to fetch all actions which happened for particular card no matter which board it has been placed into?

I’ve tried via /1/cards/<id>/actions however it seems that the returned actions are just a limited amount :thinking:

I got some answers after some reverse engineering:

  1. questions raised above are false positives. Will edit the post in order to reflect that (update: seems that is not possible) :blush:

  2. when a card is moved from board :a: to board :b: , all related actions are moved as well.

    Therefore after calling /1/cards/<id>/actions endpoint one will always receive the actions where the card is located atm (their will point to board :b: even though some of them were made in board :a: )

It is still under question is it possible to get the related actions for a card while it has been placed in board :a: after it has been is moved to board :b: :question: