Moving my Issue watcher (Jira server) to Jira cloud

Hello guys, i have a Jira server plugin which was listening (@EventListener) to the events on the issue.

Now i am supposed to move that to Jira cloud, from some posts in the forum, i see that this is no longer supported, and we are supposed to use webhooks,
I add a webhook to point to my addon and do my processing there?
Is there no other way to do this?

I also have simple admin options page, which saves a few config related things in jira server, is there a way to do this on jira cloud, i.e, i can store the admin options for my addon in jira or do i need to run my own DB to make this happen.

Is there documentation for java based addon, i see node apps in all the examples/tutorials

Thanks in advance.

Hi @integmas,

Thanks for your post!

Can you give me a little more information about what you’re doing? What sort of config options for example, and what kind of events you’re listening for and what you do in response to them?

Also, are you building something for use just for your organisation? Or for sale on the marketplace?


Thanks for the reply, Yes, I need to handle issue creation, status update events, On the server plugin i created i used to send these events to a another application through a Rest API. i see these are available through webhooks.

Coming to the config, i wanted to store config info about the application that will eventually be receiving the event updates and log some of these events that have been caught.

This addon will be for our organisation only.

Hi @integmas,

You should check out our newest development platform, Forge. The list of webhooks available in Forge are here: and with the recently-shipped storage service you’ll be able to store data in product, similar to a server app.

Let me know if you have any questions, or you want to try it out!

Hi @mventnor
Can we publish forge apps to the marketplace? I couldn’t find any mention of this in documentation or in limitations of platform.

Thanks for the reply, couple of questions
I see Forge is in beta, so is Forge also “production-ready” ?
I need to push my addon to a live system in 3 months.

Will Forge be replacing the way we currently develop addon’s for Jira in the future?
Also will the customer have to install any component to support Forge?
Will the customer have to pay some fee some Forge support?

Hi @denizoguz,

At this time it’s not possible, but we have plans to implement it and will be available soon!

Hi @integmas,

For your use case, Forge is perfect as its initial target was the creation of custom, in-house apps for enterprises. Forge is not replacing anything we currently have, and is currently free to use.

You install a Forge app on a customer’s instance through the Forge command line interface. Your customer doesn’t have to do anything.

Thanks for the reply, will try out Forge.
One last question, is there a need to update something on Jira Cloud to use latest features of Forge.
for eg: if you guys add a new feature on Forge, does the customer have to update their Jira Cloud instance for that new feature to be available for usage?

Hi @integmas,

Customers don’t need to update Jira Cloud. Atlassian manages that for everyone, and ensures all customers are on the latest of Cloud.