MUAO Release - Deployment events, Ownership Transfer, Open EAP and more

Hi all,

We are excited to announce the next update for the Multi-User App Ownership EAP.

This week, we have a couple of big changes, some smaller fixes, as well as opening up the EAP to the developer community.

Thank you for all of your testing and feedback so far.

Development events

  • You can now view deployment audit logs
    • The ‘Deployments’ tab displays each of the deployment events across all environments, whether successful or not.
    • Each audit log is rendered as a single row, where you can see the corresponding timestamp, the user deploying a new version, the environment to which the deployment was made, and the deployment status.

Transfer of app ownership

  • Currently, the only way to transfer the ownership of a Forge app is by submitting a ticket and waiting for the Marketplace support team to action the request. With this new feature, app owners can now instantly transfer the ownership of an app to another contributor.
  • Changes in app ownership will be shown in the ‘Activity’ tab. This lets you see each time a change of ownership took place and who initiated it.

Filtering metrics and logs by each dev environment

  • Currently, you can filter metrics and logs by development, staging, and production environments. Soon, however, you’ll be able to filter by each of the dev environments created.

Bug Fixes

  • All collaborators can now view the logs and metrics for their forge apps.
  • To ensure consistency with the naming of commands in the CLI, forge environment has been renamed to forge environments as of CLI version 6.14.1.

Open EAP

  • We are now opening the EAP to the wider development community. If you are interested, please feel free to sign up here.

Coming soon

  • Roles and permissions.
    • Please have a look at the the RFC here and share your thoughts.