Multi-select custom field of admin managed options

I’m working off of the tutorial/code [here] ( It’s a node app that creates a field ‘Teams’ on an issue. Each ‘Team’ has a property named ‘category’ and the list of ‘Teams’ is managed by an administrator.

I’m trying to create an add-on that adds a custom field that allows selection of multiple ‘Teams’ (preferably in a checkbox list).

I want to have a select all button at the top based on team.category like Select all Developer Teams (ie select all where team.category = developers).

  1. Is it possible to have a custom field that is a multi-select of ‘teams’ using the rest api? Any examples of this?
  2. Any examples or advice on creating some ‘select all’ functionality on a checkbox list or a multi-select field?
  3. I’m also looking for any way to possibly override the selection view of the custom field - I’d like to have a heading before each Team.category like the following:


  • Dev Team 1
  • Dev Team 2


  • Test Team 1
  • Test Team 2

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated!!

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I have same problem with you . I need a customField type that can display like this :
fieldname: …