Multi Select UserPicker CustomField created through API

Dear Community,

I’ve a question about any possibilities for Multi Select User Picker custom field created through - POST /rest/api/3/field endpoint - to do any of following (see current behaviour picture in the bottom):

  1. Override field placeholder “Select User”
  2. By default, it does not show any users in autocomplete (see picture below), saying “No Matches Found” until you start typing, is it possible to have similar behaviour as for Assignee? i.e. when you click on the field, it shows list of assignable users
  3. Is it possible to set restrictions on what users can be selected based on predicate (e.g. similar to GET /rest/api/3/groupuserpicker endpoint capabilities)?

Many thanks for any your advise.



Short answer: no.

The REST API is constrained to the options for configuring custom fields through the UI.