Multi Tenant Architecture - Jira Cloud and Data Center for apps

Hi Team,

I have an app for Jira Cloud (Built using Forge) and Jira Data Center on the marketplace. It is tied to a third-party SAAS platform and provides integration for ticket creation in Jira.

I want to understand how multi-tenancy would work for both of them.

The idea is If any of our customers are using the Multi-Tenant Architecture of Jira Cloud or Jira Data Center, how would the app work in that case?

Would the app have logical segregation for each tenant and can be treated as a separate app and platform would handle it automatically or as a developer I need to perform anything on that part?

Hi Anish,

Forge apps are isolated to the tenant (site) that they are installed into by design. So as long as they map 1:1 with the tenants on the third party SAAS platform then I think yes, the platform would probably handle that for you.

I can’t really give a definitive answer though. It depends a lot one which way data is flowing, how you’re doing auth etc. Do you a more specific question I could help with?

Thanks, Adam.

So as part of the app, we ask for certain auth parameters for that SAAS product and then store it in storage API and use it to do API calls, based on the response of that request, we get certain events, corresponding to which we create Jira tickets.

Could you help me how it works for the data center app as well? Thanks!

Best to ask the folks over in the Data Center category :slightly_smiling_face: Jira Data Center - The Atlassian Developer Community