Multi-user app ownership

Hello, I just noticed that this card about app ownership on Trello was archived and was wondering why… no comment was left on the card explaining whether this has been completed, isn’t going to be done any more, or something else?


I was wondering too, but they just silently “moved” this topic to Forge roadmap. Yes, it seems that proper communication is something we have to learn all the life…

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I’m thinking that this was an attempt to reduce confusion as the actual source of truth should be the Forge-specific Trello board as shared here: Introducing a new public roadmap for Forge

But probably warranted a comment pointing to the new card :sweat_smile:


Hey @jbevan and @jko, I’m the culprit here.

I’ve added links to the new roadmap to a bunch of Forge cards before archiving them (check this one out for an example of the prompt I’ve used), but looks like I’ve missed a few, my bad!

I just went over all the cards again and made sure they all link to the new roadmap :slightly_smiling_face:

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No worries and thanks. Turns out I was already subscribed to watch a bunch of the cards on the new roadmap

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